About Us

The Power of Life Chiropractic and Wellness Center has been designed to be state-of-the-art and welcoming for all types of patients. Our clinic utilizes new and advanced European technologies designed to help many patients who have had little success with other conservative treatment. The moment you walk in you will find a comfortable reception area and will be warmly greeted by a team member ready to assist you. 

The heart of our practice, though, is our people. Each of our staff members receives on-going training from leading medical professionals and research institutions. Our highly trained professional staff combines personal, attentive care with technical excellence to deliver a customized plan to support your recovery and help you reach your physical potential (See Services).

Whether you're an athlete in need of professional quality care, someone with chronic back pain looking for a non-surgical treatment alternative or recovering from an injury on the job or car accident, we can customize a program to help you get healthy and stay healthy!

Physical therapy places great emphasis on the evaluation process. Dr. Ruocco will perform a thorough physical evaluation to identify the dysfunctions that cause your pain. Then a treatment regimen suited to your individual problem is devised and the work to restore proper motion and ease discomfort begins. We don't treat the pain we treat the problem. Treatments may include: heat, cold, massage, manual therapy, joint mobilization, exercise for stretching or strengthening, balance and coordination exercises, gait training, and skills training to improve activities of daily living and restore function.  The goal of physical therapy is to return you to normal life as soon as possible with the skills you need to prevent re-injury.

With many years of biomechanical correction, strength, and nutritional training and education under our belt we have treated many patients with conditions ranging from herniated discs, hip disorders, fibromyalgia to weight loss management. We have had stunning success with these conditions and many others. (See list of services) Patients seeking treatment at The Power of Life Chiropractic and Wellness Center are assured of receiving only the finest quality care, because we have a genuine concern for your well-being and long-term health.


  1. Hello,

    I would like to schedule an appointment to fulfill my Groupon#445-AQ. It is for a 1 hour massage, Chiropractic Exam and 2 x-rays, and a spinal adjustment. If possible, I would really appreciate the ability to fulfill all of these in one visit. If there is a need for an informational appointment, I would like to combine that into the beginning of the conglomerated appointment.

    Please advise me of your next available appointment on a weekend, preferably; otherwise, mon-fri before noon.

    Thank you,

    Terry Duff

    1. Good luck on getting anything scheduled I went for a first appointment arrive 20 minutes early didn't start any paperwork until 30 minutes after I was there the first receptionist didn't even know what paperwork to give me and the second receptionist was absolutely rude the doctor takes forever Which he's not even a doctor he's a joke if you asked me giving diagnosis before confirming results lawsuit waiting to happen

  2. They won't advise you of anything the receptionist has no manners is rude and unwilling to work with the paying customers to accommodate the paying customers schedules this place is a joke Ask the BBB

  3. A good chiropractic wouldn't be selling coupons on Groupon