Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How Do Chiropractors Work With Patients?

The Real Origin of Chiropractic Care

For fixing issues that we have with our spine, manipulation of this part of our bodies has been going on for a long period of time. Today's version came about due to Daniel D Palmer who first developed chiropractic methods back in the nineteenth century.

Mr Palmer's very first patient was one of his own staff members who had suffered a neck injury seventeen years ago which left him deaf. According to Mr Palmer after he clicked a certain joint back into place the workers hearing came back. Unfortunately because Mr Palmer did not have a license to practice medicine he was jailed and it was now down to his son to take over hence chiropractic care then became more and more popular.

So How Does This Chiropractic Care Work?

The approach a chiropractor takes is he views the body as a whole when patients require treatment of any kind. If any part of your body isn't functioning properly then it's like a machine that will no longer be able to operate at full capacity due to "injury" and may cause the body to no longer be able to run smoothly.

A chiropractor really believes that many facts like accidents, sports injuries, bad posture and of course stress all contribute to the body not being able to operate at its optimal health level. It's fair to say that so many health issues can really be related to having spinal problems.

Take the following example where your nerves may encounter pressure and these are connected to your intestines which can cause you problems like digestive disorders. A chiropractor can manipulate the spot on the spine where these nerves appear from the spinal cord and solve such a condition.

So what's a typical treatment like?

Generally someone's initial visit will require an assessment to be made on their mobility, overall posture, joint movement and also lifestyle. They can carry out certain tests to determine the mobility of each joint and one such test is called the Yeomans test which involves the chiropractor getting his patient to flex his legs one at a time allowing him to calculate its mobility and possible sprains. He may also require his patient to bend over, test their reflexes, raise both their legs and also take their blood pressure. X-rays can also give a more detailed overall picture of any issues.

When it comes to the spine a chiropractor will find the area that is not functioning properly because this can be the cause of swelling and inflammation and result in severe pain and discomfort for a patient.

Chiropractors can apply massage which really helps to free up stiff and aching muscles before they then go onto use manipulation techniques. With manipulation it's a very precise thrust of movement to jolt and loosen that joint again. There are a few general methods that chiropractor's use which they call adjustments. Things have begun to change and in today's world of chiropractic care a lot more manipulations are gentle movements in their application rather than the forceful approach of times gone by.

I suffered for years with severe back pain from a motorbike accident. I had seen lots of doctors and none of them could help me until I went to see a local Chiropractor a friend recommended.  Don't struggle with pain and injury see a chiropractor and get your body back to its optimum health again.

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